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Tooth extraction is necessary for maintaining optimal oral hygiene due to decay, damage, or teeth crowding. At New Smiles Dental, we provide exceptional tooth extraction in Preston, Melbourne, ensuring a painless and comfortable experience for our valued patients.

Why Consider Our Complete Tooth Extraction in Melbourne?

  • Decayed or Damaged Teeth
  • Decayed or damaged teeth can cause significant pain and compromise overall oral health. Our complete tooth extraction in Melbourne becomes a viable option to alleviate discomfort and prevent the spread of infection to surrounding teeth.

  • Overcrowding Issues
  • Overcrowded teeth can lead to various dental problems, affecting the alignment and functionality of your smile. With tooth extraction treatment, we help you create space and prevent further misalignment issues.

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Wisdom teeth, or third molars, often emerge misaligned or impacted, causing pain and potential damage to nearby teeth. We provide back molar extraction or wisdom tooth extraction in Melbourne as a solution to prevent complications associated with these late-emerging molars.

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    Exceptional Tooth Extraction Services in Melbourne by New Smiles Dental Preston

    Periapical Abscess before Tooth Extraction

    You may have a periapical abscess from a tooth root infection if you have severe pain, swelling, and fever. Contact our dentist providing periapical abscess after tooth extraction treatment right away. We offer post-operative instructions to prevent complications.

    Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth due to overcrowding. At New Smiles Dental, we offer safe and effective impacted wisdom tooth extraction services using the latest tools for a speedy recovery.

    Partially Erupted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    A partially erupted wisdom tooth is a tooth that has only partially emerged from the gum, leaving a flap of gum tissue over the tooth. This can make it difficult to clean the area and lead to infection. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are often removed to prevent future dental problems. At New Smiles Dental, we have experience in partially erupted wisdom tooth extraction and can provide a comprehensive treatment plan that considers your needs.

    Back Molar Extraction

    Molars situated at the rear of the mouth, known as back molars, can be challenging to access and maintain proper hygiene. In cases where a back molar is damaged or infected, extraction may become necessary. We provide back molar extraction using the best dental techniques, ensuring a safe and efficient procedure.

    Back Tooth Extraction

    Back teeth like molars and premolars are vital for chewing and grinding food. Extract them if they are severely damaged or infected to ensure optimal oral health. At New Smiles Dental, we offer back tooth extraction services, and our experienced dentists will advise you on the best treatment options for your specific needs.

    Emergency Tooth Extraction in Melbourne

    Get fast and effective emergency tooth extraction in Melbourne from New Smiles Dental. Our skilled team offers quality care and prompt relief for any sudden toothaches or broken teeth. Trust us to handle unexpected dental issues with expertise and efficiency.

    Tooth Extraction Preston Melbourne

    Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Melbourne

    Wisdom teeth can cause pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth. To address these issues, wisdom tooth extraction is often necessary. New Smiles Dental specialises in providing safe and effective wisdom tooth extraction in Melbourne. Our experienced dentists can offer personalised advice on the best treatment options for your situation.

    Affordable Tooth Extraction in Preston VIC

    Need the best tooth extraction treatment but worried about your budget? New Smiles Dental is your helping hand providing affordable wisdom tooth extraction services in Melbourne. Our commitment to your oral health extends to providing transparent and cost-effective solutions for tooth extraction.

    The tooth extraction cost in Melbourne ranges between $400 to $700. However, the price changes based on the tooth's location, complexity, and insurance coverage. We offer competitive prices and accept various payment methods, including HICAPS for Bupa wisdom tooth extraction services along with all other leading health insurance providers, credit cards, or other payment plans.

    Contact us for a detailed cost estimate.

    Affordable Tooth Extraction in Melbourne

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    Get your teeth extracted efficiently and painlessly at New Smiles Dental. We use the best methods to provide effective tooth extraction in Melbourne. Contact us at (03) 4052 5490 to schedule an appointment for wisdom tooth, molar or emergency tooth extraction. Achieve a healthy and beautiful smile with us.

    FAQ's About Tooth Extraction

    When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, dentists or oral surgeons may turn to tooth extraction as a solution. This dental procedure involves removing the tooth from its socket using specialised tools, and it may require local or general anaesthesia.

    You may need a tooth extraction if:

    • Your tooth is severely decayed or damaged beyond repair.
    • You have an infection in the tooth or the surrounding gum tissue.
    • Your tooth is impacted (stuck in the jawbone) or partially erupted, which can cause pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth.
    • You have overcrowding in your mouth and need one or more teeth removed to create space for orthodontic treatment.
    • Gum disease causes loose teeth. Seek dental treatment to avoid more damage.

    Our dentist will examine your teeth and inform if you need a tooth extraction. The decision will depend on your dental health.

    Before your tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will provide instructions on preparing for the appointment. This may include:

    • Avoid food and drink for several hours before the treatment if you receive local anaesthesia.
    • Taking any prescribed medications as directed.
    • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment if you will be receiving sedation.
    • Following your dentist’s instructions carefully is important to ensure the tooth extraction procedure goes smoothly.

    In a tooth extraction treatment, the dentist begins by numbing the tooth area with local anaesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience. Using specialised dental tools, the dentist loosens the tooth from its jawbone socket and gently extracts it. Depending on the case, stitches may be applied to the gum tissue for optimal healing.

    During a tooth removal, anaesthesia is given to reduce pain. After some time, some discomfort is normal when the medication wears off. Your dentist can give you medication to help with pain.

    After a tooth extraction, expect swelling, discomfort, and bleeding for a few days. To help with healing and prevent infection, follow your dentist’s instructions:

    • Use ice packs to reduce swelling
    • Avoid hot, spicy, or hard foods
    • Clean your mouth with salt water 24 hours later
    • Don’t smoke or use tobacco products

    Don’t skip your follow-up appointments with the dentist.

    Tooth extraction recovery takes time, but proper care and following your dentist’s instructions can speed up healing. Seek professional advice if complications arise.

    Tooth extraction is generally safe, but some risks and complications can occur. It may include:

    • Pain and swelling around the extraction site.
    • Bleeding that lasts longer than expected.
    • Infection in the extraction site.
    • Damage to adjacent teeth, gums, or nerves.
    • A dry socket is a painful condition caused by a dislodged blood clot after tooth removal, which leads to severe discomfort and bad breath.

    Your dentist will discuss the potential risks and complications with you before the procedure and take steps to minimise them.

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